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Chasing the Moon

Chasing the Moon

The little girl giggled as she ran deeper and deeper into the corn. In the distance Sully heard the growl of the river. It sounded hungry and would show no mercy to anyone who dared to cross it. Sully ran faster and faster hoping her tiny legs would tire. He still had time. But if he were late… a second too late…

30 year-old Sullivan Rohm has nothing better to do with his life than crash his ex-girlfriend’s wedding. But when the plan fails and Sully finds his all-time low at a late night diner, something happens that forever changes the course of his life. A lost little girl in the stormy cornfield beside the diner sends him running to her rescue, where he falls headfirst into a time vortex.

Sully wakes up in small-town Sedro-Woolley, Washington in the wartime year 1942. With a German name and no explanation of how he arrived, Sully must win over the hearts of the townspeople and find his place among them with the help of 6 year-old Ruthie, her widowed mother, and the little league baseball team Ruthie ropes him into coaching. Together, they set out to defeat the tyrannical coach of the opposing team and bring back hope to Sedro-Woolley.

76 years away from everything he’s ever known, Sully finds his purpose. But it comes at a price; the effects of the time vortex are slowly killing him. Sully must choose between staying and losing his life, or leaving and losing his home.

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