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Dempsey’s Grill

Dempsey’s Grill

Her breath was warm and minty. Her lips soft and full of memories. My hands moved around her waist as she moved her eager hips and rested them on mine. In our moment of fun and play and soon to be sex in Dempsey’s cramped car, a ruffle of bushes and a muffled cry caused our plans to come screeching to a disappointing halt…

Gibson thought he had it all: A beautiful girlfriend, a respectable job as a teacher, and the world’s most comfy couch – that is until he gets fired and his girlfriend kicks him out.

 Forced to move back in with his parents, he slowly begins to pick up the pieces of a life he’s realizing he never even wanted.
Back in his hometown Gibson reconnects with his high school best friend, Dempsey and his former lover, Gail. The trio gathers their meager savings and risks it all on opening a restaurant.

But things spiral out of control as they confront drug dealers, Dempsey’s growing attraction to Gibson’s sister, and Gail’s engagement to a long-haul trucker.

 Can the trio of never-beens put aside their past failures, face the challenges of the restaurant industry, and find a place where love, friendship, and even hope, can bloom?

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